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Welcome to the 33rd Annual World Open
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FINAL STANDINGS are posted!!

GM Kamil Miton

IM Magesh Panchanathan


GM Kamil Miton and

Magesh Chandran Panchanathan

Finish in the lead with 7.5 points.   GM Miton, having the higher tie break elected to have seven minutes and the White pieces against Mr. Panchanathan's five minutes with the Black pieces.  

GM Kamil Miton won the Blitz Plaoyoff
and is the 2005 World Open Champion!!


The following norms were earned:


IM Magesh Chandran Panchanathan


FM Alex Lenderman

FM Emilio Cordova

FM John Bartholomew

FM Joshua Friedel


Games from 2005 - 2 preliminary files

A more complete file will appear eventually. Please don't archive the above databases.


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