31st Annual World Open

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World Open 2002

Last Updated: 07/04/2002 01:17:46 PM

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2002 Tournament Photos by Michael Atkins. Most of these photos are MUCH larger if downloaded.

  GM Maurice Ashley
GM Ivan Morovic
 GM Alex Stripunsky


GM Ivan Morovic

Top boards setting up, GM's Artur Yusupov and Alex Yermolinsky

GM Alexander Onischuk

 Aaron Summerscale                                                         
Emory Tate | Artur Yusupov | Jonathan Rowson | Michael Mulyar | Roland Schmaltz | Eli Vovsha | Ivan Morovic | Alexander Stripunsky | Maurice Ashley | Aaron Summerscale | Alexander Onischuk |

Photos by Mike Atkins, Phil Smith


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Photos by Michael Atkins, Phil Smth, & Scott Pendergrast