29th Annual World Open

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World Open 2001

Last Updated: 7/24/01
1:23 p.m. ET

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World Open 2001 Results

Open: Alexander Goldin, Joel Benjamin, Ilya Smirin, Alexande Onischuk, Yuri Shulman, Leonid Yudasin, and Alexander Ivanov

2200: Alexander Guetchkov

2000: Michael De La Maza

1800: Scott Riester

1600: Travis Patay

1400: Timothy J. Murray, Benjamin J. Palmer, Steven C. Zierk

1200: Jillian Alvarez, Boris Senderovich, Peter K. Kostiuk

Unrated: Max G. Malyuta

Action: June 30th ... July 1st ... July 2nd

Quick: Open ... 1600

Blitz: Open ... 1800


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