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World Open Game/10 Open Championship! -- Standings:

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Wojtkiewicz, Alek2692 W9W15W10D2D3 4
2Paschall, W ("Billy Boy")2448 D7W22W6D1W8 4
3Belorusov, Mikhail2353 W17D8W7W11D1 4
4Chiong, Luis R2387 W16L10W19D8W11 3
5Colding, Ernest Pa2240 H---W12L11W10W9 3
6Barsky, Sam2168 H---W13L2W20W12 3
7Rios, Enrique2125 D2W20L3W21W15 3
8Traldi, Arthur2171 W19D3W21D4L2 3
9Bailleau, Gerald2147 L1W17W22W16L5 3
10Levi, Ariel S2038 W24W4L1L5W19 3
11Schneider, Mark N2159 D21W14W5L3L4 2
12Sevilla, Chris2019 H---L5W14W13L6 2
13Dominguez, Roberto2013 H---L6W23L12X--- 2
14Roberts, Peter S2004 H---L11L12W23W21 2
15Aravena, Peter S2189 W18L1L16W17L7 2
16Zimbeck, David2044 L4W18W15L9U--- 2
17Bloomer, Josh S2039 L3L9W18L15B--- 2
18Ladzinski, Michael2027 L15L16L17X---W22 2
19Baze, Lineas L2006 L8W24L4W22L10 2
20Walker, James H2000 H---L7W24L6F--- 1
21Veal, Joe D1941 D11W23L8L7L14 1
22Olson, David J1636 B---L2L9L19L18 1
23Tamarkin, Lawrence2114 H---L21L13L14U---
24Kreitner, Ilan2200 L10L19L20F---U--- 0

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