July 6th

29th Annual World Open

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World Open 2001

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Let the Insanity Begin: 3-Day Schedule Starts/2-Weekend Schedule Resumes. Don't expect things to be clear until the Big Merge Tomorrow

Today (July 6th) is going to be a wild one at the tournament because the 3-day schedule begins, which means those players will play 5 games! Plus tonight the 2-weekend schedule picks up again. We may only get one update today but expect things to become clearer after the Big Merge tomorrow.

One note: word on the Open 5-day schedule is that Aaron Pixton (2357) is proving to be a giant killer with wins over GM Wojtkiewicz in round 2 and GM Ivanov in round 3! Stay tuned!

5-Day Schedule Players

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The intricate strategy of deciding which schedule to play in is at full force with the 3-day schedule yet to begin! Other top players who began play in the 5-day schedule include: Onischuk, Shulman, Finegold, Gruenfeld, Le Siege, Zaitshik, Garcia Perelshteyn, and many others. Eighteen players have a perfect 2 - 0 score. See Results.

2-Weekend Schedule





7-Day Schedule




7-Day Schedule: Grandmasters Jan Ehlvest (2703) and Boris Gulko (2708), and Fabian Doettling (2587) are just three of the top players who have won their first two games in the 7-Day Schedule. For current standings, click here.

2-Weekend Schedule: Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin (2620) jumped off to an early lead at the World Open scoring 3.5 out of 4 in the "2-Weekend" schedule. Kudrin won his first three games, including a win over GM Pavel Blatny, then he drew GM Michael Rohde (2529) in round 4.

Rohde, who took a bye in round 3 to play in the World Open Action Tournament, is tied for second with Blatny and GM Alexander Stripunsky with 3 points each. These players now take a break until Friday evening. Click here for full results from the 2-Weekend schedule.

7-Day Schedule:  Play begins for this schedule on July 2nd at 7 p.m. Typically, a few more grandmasters join the struggle in this leisurely paced, one game a day schedule.

Action Results:

Valerian Gaprindishvilli (2473) and Boris Privman (2299) won the June 30th Action tournament with 4.5 out of 5. Brian Wall (2200) and Joseph Mucerino (1902!) tied for 2nd.

Then the next day, Brian Wall won the July 1st Action tournamen with a clear 4.5 out of 5 points! GM Rohde, Gaprindishvili, and Privman tied for second with 4.0 out of 5.

GM Jan Ehlvest (2703) scored a perfect 5.0 to win the July 2nd Action tournament by a full point.

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