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28th Annual World Open

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World Open 2000

Last Updated: 7/7/00 (4:08pm ET)
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Photos by Michael Atkins, Phil Smth, & Scott Pendergrast

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Check here for twice daily updates starting on June 30 ... some early results will be posted as well. 

This was a very popular feature last year. We'll "index" each news report so you can read through them in order ... it's a great way to get a sense of the excited of the tournament. 

June 28th News Page

June 30th News Page

July 1st 5pm News Page

July 1st 7pm News Page

July 2nd 2am News Page

July 2nd 6pm News Page

July 2nd 11pm News Page

July 3rd 5pm News Page

July 4th 3am News Page

July 4th 10am News Page

July 4th 5pm News Page

July 4th 11pm News Page

July 4th 2am News Page


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