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Unrated Standings


#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9Total
1Veslin Nikolovunr. W29W13W12W3W11D2D4D6W7 7.5
2Ahmed Gabrunr. W7W16W15D6W9D1W3D4X--- 7.5
3David Paulinaunr. W26W5W4L1W34W7L2W13W6 7.0
4Nurul Kabirunr. W28W19L3W25W5D6D1D2W15 6.5
5Jason Hobbsunr. W36L3W19W12L4W18L8W22W17 6.0
6Carlos Garciaunr. D14W30W32D2W16D4W9D1L3 6.0
7Hani Malikunr. L2B---W14W15W20L3W24W8L1 6.0
8Vadim Khaimovunr. D10D17W23L22W15W27W5L7W16 6.0
9Willie Taylorunr. H---B---W24W18L2W23L6D17W20 6.0
10Shang Y Teeunr. D8H---L20W21H---H---H---W26W22 5.5
11Stephen A Bealeunr. W25L12W13W28L1L22D23D14W24 5.0
12Chris Mollusounr. W34W11L1L5L13W29L15W28W23 5.0
13Radhakrishna Tadepalliunr. W27L1L11W33W12W20W22L3F--- 5.0
14Pablo Iglesiasunr. D6W31L7W32D22U---D20D11W28 5.0
15Bob Brittainunr. W30W32L2L7L8W25W12W24L4 5.0
16Jon Greenburgunr. B---L2W30W31L6L24W28W23L8 5.0
17Salomon Gulamovunr. W21D8W22L20L23W34W27D9L5 5.0
18Daniel Yasenchakunr. H---W24W37L9H---L5H---W27H--- 5.0
19Joshua M Spareunr. W33L4L5L27W28D26W29L20W31 4.5
20Roshel Yakubovunr. L23W21W10W17L7L13D14W19L9 4.5
21Scott Goeldnerunr. L17L20B---L10L31W30W32D25X--- 4.5
22Nelson Nipalunr. B---D23L17W8D14W11L13L5L10 4.0
23Chris Eagleunr. W20D22L8B---W17L9D11L16L12 4.0
24Luis (Jr.) Caicedounr. B---L18L9W38W30W16L7L15L11 4.0
25Marco A Foxunr. L11W26W29L4L27L15W33D21U--- 3.5
26Cesar Novoaunr. L3L25L27W35B---D19W31L10F--- 3.5
27Frank Juryunr. L13L29W26W19W25L8L17L18U--- 3.0
28Robert Brysonunr. L4W33W34L11L19W31L16L12L14 3.0
29Bassel Sobhunr. L1W27L25L34W33L12L19B---U--- 3.0
30Kwisoon Fukuiunr. L15L6L16B---L24L21W35W32U--- 3.0
31Robert G Hermannunr. L32L14B---L16W21L28L26W33L19 3.0
32Jesse Cooperunr. W31L15L6L14B---L33L21L30W35 3.0
33Gabriel Rossmanunr. L19L28W35L13L29W32L25L31H--- 2.5
34Bruce Feistunr. L12W35L28W29L3L17U---U---U--- 2.0
35Rachel Quinnunr. H---L34L33L26H---H---L30H---L32 2.0
36Kwisson (FILLER) Fukuiunr. L5U---U---U---U---U---U---U---U--- 0.0
37Jon (FILLER) Greenburgunr. U---U---L18U---U---U---U---U---U--- 0.0
38Robert (FILLER) Hermannunr. U---U---U---L24U---U---U---U---U--- 0.0

World Open Counter

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