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World Open 1999

Last Updated: 7/6/99 4:55 pm

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Photos & PGN by Michael Atkins & Team Squarehopper

Heroes in Philly

World Open: Prizes will be added in approximately 10 days. Once we have that, we'll create special results pages for easier printing.  Results are not final until re-checked by the organizer.

-- Open Section -- 10 way tie for first
-- 2200 -- Semir Imamovic wins with 8.0
-- 2000 -- Jonathan Gottlieb and Manuk Shadoyan win with 8.0
-- 1800 -- Daniel E Malkiel and Xiao Zhang win with 8.0
-- 1600 -- Stephen Pierson, Juan Rivera, & Todd Dunham win with 8.0
-- 1400 -- Joseph Marcrum wins with 9.0! The only undefeated player.
-- Unrated -- Veslin Nikolov and Ahmed Gabr win with 7.5

Tournament of Champions -- Completed: Akopian & Ehlvest win

World Open Under 1000 Tournament -- Completed: Gautam Nagendra & Alisa Melekhina win

World Open Warm Up -- Completed: Igor Novikov wins

World Open Major -- Completed: GMs Novikov, Timoshenko, Blatny, and Bisquier

Quick Chess (Game 10) -- Jorge Sammour-Hasbun won with 4.5

Doubles -- Keller - Curcuru and Times - Scheur win

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