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World Open 1999

Last Updated: 7/6/99 4:55 pm

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Photos & PGN by Michael Atkins & Team Squarehopper

Heroes in Philly

Step One: When the board appears, complete the problem by moving the pieces!

Step Two: YOU MUST fill in your name and email address or we have no way to contact you. See the sign in area below. Also, fill in the answer to the one question below.

Step Three: Then press the SUBMIT QUIZ RESULTS BUTTON.  You must complete all three of these to enter. See more below about the prizes.

A ChessWise membership will be awarded as prizes in May, June, and July 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 ... All you have to do is enter.  The more points you score in the contest, the better your chances to win, but anyone can win.

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