June 25
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Last Updated: 7/6/99 4:55 pm

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Photos & PGN by Michael Atkins & Team Squarehopper

Heroes in Philly

News page on June 25, 1999


Will this be the biggest World Open ever? If early hotel bookings are any indication, it's quite possible.  Enter now to join the excitement. These great players played last year.  Who will show up in 1999?!  Tournament of Champions has begun!  More to come.

Photos by Michael Atkins


Play in the largest open tournament in the United States over the July 4th holiday! Flexible playing schedules. Watch top grandmasters at work.

Bookmark this website for daily coverage ... including streaming audio interviews with top players, games in a Java Viewer, and daily contests.  Enter the current contest now!

  • Tourney Info -- This page gives basic information about the tournament (schedules, fees, hotel).
  • Results -- Go here to see results from the World Open and Side Tournaments
  • Photos/Audio -- This section will include daily photographs as well as interviews with the players.
  • Games -- We will be posting games in a Java Viewer.
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  • News Index -- We will archive our dialy news pages here. It should provide a great way to get a feel of how the tournament is progressing.
  • 1998 Tournament -- Click here to see last year's website which included all of the above!

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