July 3,  6pm
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World Open 1999

Last Updated: 7/6/99 4:55 pm

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Photos & PGN by Michael Atkins & Team Squarehopper

Heroes in Philly


3-Day Action: Stop The Insanity

The action is fast and furious here.  Some 3-Day Schedule Open results are online. (Right) GM Sherzer is playing GM Benjamin live via the World Open's ChessCam.

Key 3-Day Open pairings: Novikov vs. Fishbein; Wojtkiewicz vs. Christiansen

3-Day Open Results ... Friday Results are online. 

Who are the leaders?  Bologan, then ...

2-Weekend Schedule:  GM Victor Bologan (left) is perfect with a 4 - 0 score.

7-Day Schedule:   GMs Akopian, Ehlvest, Gulko, & Minasian were perfect after 3 rounds but drew with each other in round 4.  Surprisingly, no one moved up to join the leaders in the 7-day schedule.  If someone is going to make a move, it should be on Saturday.

5-Day Schedule: Benjamin, Finegold, and Sherzer are tied at 3-0.

Bottom Line:   Bologan stands alone at the top although a 5-day player may match him.  Saturday is crucial and may well separate the contenders from the pretenders.  We'll also see if the layoff on the two- weekend schedule affects Bologan's play.

What Happens Now

Saturday:  The Insanity Begins!  The 3-day schedule starts at Noon.  Please do not expect round updates.  We'll post what we can when we can but the rounds happen very fast.

Sunday:  The Merge!  Standings will finally become clear as the Two-Weekend, 7-Day, 5-Day, and 3-Day schedules merge together.

All Thursday & Most 1st Round Friday Results are  online!!

Spend a few minutes with GM Blatny via an online audio interview.  The other interview with a top female player was removed at the insistence of her agent.


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