July 2 5pm
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World Open 1999

Last Updated: 7/6/99 4:55 pm

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Photos & PGN by Michael Atkins & Team Squarehopper

Heroes in Philly


   "Things are getting serious."

You can not turn around without bumping into a grandmaster at the World Open!  A large number GMs showed up for the 5-day schedule, including Goldin, Benjamin, Atalik, Timoshenko, Shabalov, Fedorowicz, Serper, Gurevich, Blatny, Sherzer, Stripunsky, Ivanov, Lein, and Bisquier.  World Open 1999 may be the strongest World Open ever!  We'll know more after the 3-day schedule begins. 25 GMs are playing now during various schedules.  Our first GM audio interview is now online.

All Thursday Results are now online!!

The ChessCam is HERE!!
See games live! Next ChessCam -- Live, Friday, 7 p.m. ET:  White: GM Jan Ehlvest vs. Black: GM  Boris Gulko

(left) Earlier GM Goldin prepares to move as the silent ChessCam records the action!

Major Results!  GMs Novikov, Timoshenko, Blatny, and Bisquier tied for first in the 6-round World Open "Major" ... all by winning in the last round!  See Results.

Earlier Headlines: 

GM Novikov Wins World Open Warm Up;  GMs Akopian & Ehlvest take Tourn. of Champions; GM Bologan leads World Open with perfect 4-0 via the 2-Weekend Schedule




GM Victor Bologan leads the World Open after beating GM Yermolinsky in the 4th round of the 2-weekend schedule. Anna Khan is not far behind with 3 points.  See Results!

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