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 Under 1000

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World Open Main Event: Under 1000 Section

Final standings in 1998 World Open Under 1000 section

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Total
2 Seiver, Scott B 985 W16 W9 W7 W1 W4 W11 W3 W8 D6 8.5
9 Vulis, Daniel 892 W24 L2 W22 W14 W6 W8 W4 W11 D3 7.5
4 Gregory-Thompson, Akeem 930 W18 W12 D1 W10 L2 W5 L9 W13 W8 6.5
11 Clendening, Sean M 870 L26 W19 W27 W3 W1 L2 W7 L9 W16 6.0
3 Thompson, Bruce A 939 W17 D10 D13 L11 W23 W16 L2 W12 D9 5.5
6 Collins, Eliot W 926 W21 L13 W16 W23 L9 L12 W22 W18 D2 5.5
13 Karasick, Todd 805 W29 W6 D3 L8 L5 W17 W10 L4 W12 5.5
10 Ardito, Andrew 884 W25 D3 W5 L4 L12 W14 L13 W32 W22 5.5
5 Charland, Graham 929 D19 W14 L10 W31 W13 L4 L16 W29 W7 5.5
8 Jackson, Dane A 902 W22 L1 W21 W13 W7 L9 W12 L2 L4 5.0
16 Bady, Hanif 768 L2 W24 L6 W32 W21 L3 W5 W7 L11 5.0
18 Hollingsworth, Alec 685 L4 L27 L29 W20 W24 W32 W23 L6 W19 5.0
14 Robinson, Nicholas 802 W23 L5 W25 L9 D17 L10 W27 W19 U--- 4.5
29 Finder, Max unr. L13 L21 W18 L19 H--- W31 W24 L5 W23 4.5
12 Mc Cormick, Michael 809 W27 L4 W26 L7 W10 W6 L8 L3 L13 4.0
7 Cornwell, John 912 W20 W26 L2 W12 L8 W22 L11 L16 L5 4.0
21 Kovalsky, Anton 593 L6 W29 L8 W30 L16 L23 W25 L22 W32 4.0
22 Nogaro, Matthew S 580 L8 W30 L9 W25 W31 L7 L6 W21 L10 4.0
23 Blumenthal, Max 556 L14 W20 W19 L6 L3 W21 L18 W17 L29 4.0
25 Hollingsworth, Tyler 383 L10 W17 L14 L22 W20 L19 L21 W24 W27 4.0
19 Ardito, Anthony A 652 D5 L11 L23 W29 L32 W25 W26 L14 L18 3.5
32 Mendelson, Joey unr. H--- H--- H--- L16 W19 L18 W17 L10 L21 3.5
17 Roho, Rhys 729 L3 L25 W24 W27 D14 L13 L32 L23 D30 3.0
27 Warshaw, J J unr. L12 W18 L11 L17 H--- W30 L14 D26 L25 3.0
20 Collins, Willie 648 L7 L23 L30 L18 L25 L24 W31 B--- W24 3.0
30 Finder, Jacob unr. L1 L22 W20 L21 H--- L27 U--- W31 D17 3.0
26 Savett, Sean unr. W11 L7 L12 H--- H--- H--- L19 D27 U--- 3.0
1 Zoleta, Edwin 999 W30 W8 D4 L2 L11 U--- U--- U--- U--- 2.5
24 Collins, Daniel J 530 L9 L16 L17 B--- L18 W20 L29 L25 L20 2.0
31 Weinblatt, Dan unr. H--- H--- H--- L5 L22 L29 L20 L30 U--- 1.5
15 Gray, Khadeejah 780 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0
28 Warshaw, Greg unr. U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0



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