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 Perf. Ratings Terms


"old" is the player's pre-tournament published rating.

"perf" is the player's performance rating, showing approximately
how the player performed in this tournament only.  It is not always
correct as wins over players more than 400 points below the player
will lower it and losses to those more than 400 above the player
will raise it.

"new" is the player's estimated post-tournament rating.  It is
unofficial and may not be used to enter future tournaments.  This
number can be incorrect because:

1) It assumes the player's pre-tournament rating was the last
published rating.  This is often not the case as the player may
have prior results which will modify the last published rating.

2) It assumes the opponents' pre-tournament ratings are their last
published ratings, also often not the case.

3) It assumes the player has an established rating.  A provisional
player (under 20 games) will have a larger rating change than shown
here-the fewer the prior games, the more the rating will change.

An asterisk next to "new" shows the player who apparently gained
the most rating points in the section.

The Unrated Section is not included here as our program cannot
calculate these ratings.



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