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Goichberg's Team

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Bill Goichberg wishes to extend his sincere appreciation to the incredible team that worked on the World Open

  • Bill Goichberg -- Organizer, Chief Tournament Director
  • Brenda Goichberg --  Assistant Organizer
  • Carol Jarecki -- International Arbiter and National Tournament
  • Sophia Rohde -- International Arbiter
  • Alan Benjamin -- National Tournament Director
  • Bob Moran -- National Tournament Director
  • Steve Immitt -- Senior Tournament Director
  • Polly Wright -- Senior Tournament Director
  • Larry King -- Senior Tournament Director
  • Bob Messenger -- Senior Tournament Director
  • Phillip Smith -- Senior Tournament Direcotr, Bulletin
  • Michael Atkins -- Senior TD, photographer, Web, Bulletin
  • Jim Cope -- Floor TD
  • Ralph Whitford -- Floor TD
  • Walter Brown -- Chief Floor TD & National TD
  • Lawrence Tamarkin -- Bulletin Editor (mrslug@NWLINK.com)
  • Ira Lee Riddle -- Tournament Director
  • Scott Pendergrast -- Webmaster


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