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Maurice Ashley

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World Open

World Open


Goldin is Golden!!


1st: Goldin


2nd: Smirin

GM Alexander Goldin smashed GM Gregory Kaidanov in a stunning last round victory that gave him first place a full point ahead of 2nd place winner GM Ilya Smirin. In a bold display of confidence and nerve, Goldin turned down a draw offer from Kaidanov that would have given him at least a tie for first.  It's very uncommon for GMs to slug it out in the last round with so much on the line.  Check out Game 286 in our Java Chess Viewer.  Goldin takes home $14,000. He had previously tied with Yermolinsky in 1996.  

sounderGoldin on his toughest game (thanks to Jerry Hanken for the quote: look for more in Chess Life)

sounderAn Interview with GM Smirin (Note: Smirin won the Blitz Tourney on July 6 with perfect 10 - 0 score! See Games & Results )

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Prizes, Performance Ratings & Unofficial Post-Tournament Ratings are now online.

Over 1400 players entered (or re-entered) the tournament, the 2nd highest ever.  In all, 5555 games were played!! Hundreds of games are viewable in the ChessTutor Java Viewer

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World Open 1999:  July 1-5, July 3-5, June 29-July 5 or June 26-July 5


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