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1998 World Open
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Tournament of State Champions

Tournament of State Champions

Final Standings

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Round 2, board one Tournament of State Champs with IM Rashid Ziatdinov (white) and IM Larry Kaufman (black) IM Larry Kaufman ponders a move against IM Ziatdinov, round 2
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GM Dmitry Gurevich reflects on his first move against David Vigorito, which he eventually won Board three finds FM Emory Tate playing IM Jay Bonin in round 2 action
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IM Larry Kaufman (left) and FM Emory Tate play in round two as they have done many times in the past IMs Ziatdinov (left) and Bonin draw in round 2
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While it looks like David Vigorito is about the play 1.Nh3, don't let him fool you...it went to f3 against Michael Casella Another view of round 3 board one IM matchup
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Pennsylvania champion IM Edward Formanek (left), leading with 3.5 tangles with Massauchusetts champion David Vigorito (right) GM Gurevich (left) on board 2 versus IM Rashid Ziatdinov (playing black)
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New York champion IM Jay Bonin in the act of shaking hands with Maryland champion IM Larry Kaufman Delaware champ Charles Bouzoukis (l) takes on Virginia Champ Steve Greanias on board 4 in the last round
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Bill Goichberg awards co-winner IM Edward Formanek his $1500 prize. GM Dmitry Gurevich also finished with a 4-1 score The trophy is almost as big as Chris Liman, one of the "mixed" ion winners. The Junior,Senior, and Women's sections combined into one section.
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DC's Johnny Sadoff accepts his State plaque from Bill Goichberg Maryland's Lew Hucks accepts the State rating gain placque from Bill Goichberg
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Jennifer Shahade is getting used to no longer being one of the youngest players as she plays Chris Liman in the final round! Another of the winners in the Mixed group in which the trophy is half his size!