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1998 World Open
Photo Page
Game/20 Championship

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Boris Privman - GM Pavel Blatney on Board 1 IM Larry Kaufman - Ilye Figler on Board 2
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Ray Kaufman - GM Georgi Kacheishvili board 3 FM Emory Tate - Dan Mayers on board 4
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Shelly Mays - FM Shelby Getz on board 5 IM Kaufman (R) defeats GM Blatney in the final round to take clear second
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Figler - Tate from the last round GM Georgi Kacheishvili (r) took clear first with 4.5 and IM Larry Kaufman (l) was second with 4-1
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Zachary Teutsch takes clear first in the Under 1600 Andrew Konigsburg was clear first in the U 2000