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World Open 2004

Last Updated: 06/21/2005 09:43:26 PM

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Welcome to the 32nd Annual World Open
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The World Open 2004 Edition is
now completed!

          After nine grueling rounds, GM-elect Varuzhan Akobian has bested the field at the 32nd Annual World Open!  He scored 7.5 out of 9 and finished one-half point ahead of the field.  Chasing him were nine Grandmasters who finished with 7 points:  Hikaru Nakamura, Evgeny Najer, Jaan Ehlvest, Ilya Smirin, Jiri Stocek, Igor Novikov, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Oniscuk, and Abhijit Kunte.  

         Four IM norms were made by FM John Bartholomew, Salvijus Bercys, FM Dmitry Zilberstein and Dmitro Kedyk.  This year's competition was built upon 1208 participants and 89  re-entries! 

     Games are being added daily!  Currently there are 310 games transcribed.  More games will be added daily [through the weekend following the tournament], so be sure to check back!



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GM Alex Onischuk

GM Walter Browne

GM Alex Ivanov

GM Yuri Shulman

FM Matthew Hoekstra

IM Dean Ippolito



IM Jesse Krai

GM Joel Benjamin

GM Nick De Formian

GMM Vitali Golod

GM Alex Shabalov

GM Alex Stripunsky






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