32nd Annual World Open

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June 28 Hex

World Open Mon Hex- Top Section! 6/28/04

#NameIDRtngStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Tot
1Evan A Post120315602095PAW4W3W2 3
2Lawrence B Pugh114902711987PAW6W4L1 2
3Rory E Wasiolek128087312006PAW5L1L6 1
4Michael Atkins101834811870VAL1L2W5 1
5Timothy C Mc Keen121166001867NJL3W6L4 1
6Douglas C Burgwin128221711628PAL2L5W3 1

World Open Monday Bottom Hex! - 6/28/04

#NameIDRtngStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Tot
1Joshua A Bowman128435421552PAW4W3W2 3
2Udit Gupta128471481371NJW3W4L1 2
3Daniel M Scull124856501362NJL2L1W4 1
4Reuben T Hampton128797351065PAL1L2L3 0

World Open 2004

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