32nd Annual World Open

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U2000 2-Weekend Schedule

                   2-Weekend World Open, Under 2000

#NameIDRtngStRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Tot
1Andrew Hellenschmidt125934611946NYW10W5W6D3 3
2Brian M Duggan126873891935NYW14W9D3W6 3
3Jim A Kinsman127672471980MDW12W4D2D1 3
4Kevin Dresher100519321886NJW13L3W9W7 3
5Nigel Mitchell124590881858PAW15L1W10W11 3
6Felix Bershadski126277721953NYX8W8L1L2 2
7Mikhail Alex Kats126471041948NYL9W13W8L4 2
8Gage Caligaris126600791832PAW11L6L7W12 2
9Daniel G Pomerantz125923381810NYW7L2L4W13 2
10Jacob D Read126435171580PAL1B---L5W14 2
11Gennadiy Reznikov126266311972NYL8D14W15L5 1
12Terence P Coffee101053581833MDL3D15W14L8 1
13Sarah Dapul-Weberman127232051733NYL4L7B---L9 1
14Anatoliy V Popov128585091804PAL2D11L12L10
15Ronald M Saylo127358501690NJL5D12L11U---

World Open 2004

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