30th Annual World Open

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 July 2 Tuesday Action

 GM Pavel Blatny took clear first in the 7/2 action

World Open Tuesday Action! July 2, 2002 -- Standings

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
1Pavel Blatny126249692603D2W8W15W9W3 4.5
2Emory A Tate111265452397D1W12D4W6W5 4.0
3Rodion Rubenchik124131012342W12W4W6W5L1 4.0
4Brian D Salomon126851141781W16L3D2W10W7 3.5
5Mark E Fisher101600311878W11W14W9L3L2 3.0
6Kenneth Horan124392751865W13W10L3L2W12 3.0
7Gary R Patella127977291569L15W13W11W16L4 3.0
8Jonathan Corbblah127586901974L10L1W14W13D9 2.5
9Ralph Monda124749881772W17W15L5L1D8 2.5
10Rory E Wasiolek128087311528W8L6D16L4W15 2.5
11Anthony Cooper128692081452L5W17L7D15B--- 2.5
12Natal J Carabello114004001647L3L2W17W14L6 2.0
13Stuart Keckler127203811276L6L7B---L8W16 2.0
14Carter Sparacio127776261125B---L5L8L12W17 2.0
15Joseph J Mucerino125856161981W7L9L1D11L10 1.5
16Kevin Kuczek126959431266L4B---D10L7L13 1.5
17Tamaric RichardsonPENDING?unr.L9L11L12B---L14 1.0

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Photos by Michael Atkins, Phil Smth, & Scott Pendergrast